29 April, 2011

Been a While...Here it goes...

Hey. so, here's the new art:

This was an old piece. I decided to toss a white outlined snail on it. Yeah?
Check it out HERE

Had no idea what to do w/this piece of cardboard. I really liked the shape, though. I also have always wanted to paint a toilet.
Buy it HERE

The title came from an Edgar & Montgomery episode.
Buy it HERE
Edgar & Montgomery:

I've always enjoyed turtles. I blame the Ninja ones.
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-I started a Jazz series w/ 12x12 pieces of cardboard. LP size-

The "Blue Train" album is a classic and should be in everybody's collection.

This is, without a doubt, my favorite Jazz album.


VooBloo Dog prints are now available.
in these sizes:

Jesus. That was a lot.

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