24 March, 2011

music as I listen

While I've been working on a Power Rangers custom and doing little side pieces, this has been what's been in my ears...

I checked out Caribou after seeing his album in Spin's '40 best albums of 2010' or what have you. Great stuff!

I've always enjoyed Cage, and have been anticipating his new album(s). I'd say that his music has always had a good part in my life movie.

I really dig Avi Buffalo's style. I've been trying to fill the void that MGMT's "Congratulations" album couldn't fill :/

and of course, Slick Rick always puts me in a good mood. I miss driving around on a sunny day w/this album on high volumes.

good times.
I'll be painting tonight.

23 March, 2011

Nintendo & Quas

I've been working on these on the side...these hangable Nintendo pieces and the Quas zombie. All from cardboard. Here's the pics and such:

The Nintendo controller has always been a staple in gaming. I figured this was the best thing to do to the rectangle box top that I had. buy it HERE

You know...I've never even played a Gamecube in my life...I just had the perfect boxtop size for it...so, there you go. buy it HERE

As a huge Stones Throw Records fan, I HAD to make a zombie Quas. I had already painted a zombie Doom. buy it HERE

That's all for now. Still working on a custom for somebody. holler.

22 March, 2011

Wiz's "Rolling Papers"

So, I'm listening to Wiz's new album, "Rolling Papers". Granted, I'm only on track 6, but with the 2 previous singles being in the top 6, you know...skipped. I'm just noticing a more club-like chant chorus album, w/plenty chick tracks. Feels like Atlantic was trying to have the next Drake, but you know...on their label. I really dig Wiz and his style. The Wiz style that I fell in love with stemmed from the "Kush & OJ" mixtape. Yeah, the subject matter revolved around getting high, hanging out w/chicks, and just enjoying life, but that was him. I'm not even the type that gets mad when an indie group signs mainstream. I was happy that he landed a deal. He deserved it.

(further into the album)

BUT, I do know when an album 'sounds' mainstream. The beats are pretty top notch. The choruses and cheesy love tracks are the only downfall...besides Too $hort's verse on 'On My Level'. That beat is hot, though, and reminiscent of 90's Gangsta Rap. 'Star of the Show' is classic Wiz. Harmonizing on the chorus. Slow, but enthusiastic and confident flow. Perfect. 'Fly Solo' has a Cudi vibe to it...which isn't bad. I dig it. 'Rooftops', the Curren$y feature, is one of the best. When Wiz and Curren$y hook up, it's magic. A duo pro album from them would be great. The last track, 'Cameras', was pretty uplifting. The beat is really nice...but, the chorus kills it :/

all in all, for my first listen, I give it a 6.5 out of 10.
it'll either grow on me more, or get really aggravating.
BUT...I still really dig Wiz...don't get it tWIZted...lolz.

ah, enough rant. time to paint!

21 March, 2011

destructive pop childhood

Over the weekend, I painted a few pieces of things from my childhood:

One of the best scenes from the campy 60's Batman movie. I had to do it.

I saw where somebody took Charlie Sheen and parodied the Andrew W.K. pic, so I figured the ORIGINAL party dude would be even cooler!

I LOVED Winnie the Pooh as children...so, this is my 'destructive' homage. GET HONEY

all are in my etsy shop for salesville: HERE

18 March, 2011

mustache ride.2

Last night, I revisited one of my older (favorite) pieces; Mustache Ride:

I used...that's right, a cardboard box top. This is also a smaller version, but hangs on the wall!. check it out:

/\ sold already, so there's no link. holler.

Right now, I'm working on a Nintendo mini-series. Keep checking back!

16 March, 2011


Yesterday, I found a piece of cardboard, that was 12x12. The same size as an LP sleeve. I figured that I should do something music-related...so, me being the MF Doom fan that I am, decided to bring back the memory of the Danger Mouse and Doom collab album, "The Mouse & the Mask" from 2005.

This is in the etsy shop, right HERE


15 March, 2011


Last night, an old friend hit me up about doing a custom for his friend for her birthday. He said that he wanted Lucy w/some kind of cooking theme.
hurrrrr it is:

I think it came out alright. I like the white and black background w/the bright, rich colors against it.

14 March, 2011

fresh from the box (top)

I painted these last night/this morning...

I thought of this while smoking a cigarette last night. IDK where it came from, but, here it be like.
Buy it HERE

Originally, I wanted to do a meat grinder piece. I had no idea what to grind, as long as what was coming out, was colorful. I called it "Finger Meet Grinder"...get it?
Buy it HERE

13 March, 2011

music as I paint

I wanted some abstract stuff, so I went w/some:

Modest Mouse is great, because he changes up his style so much, but still remains the same greatness.

Mike Patton does some wonderful music. He's not for everybody, but if you're that somebody...whoa, I almost went Timbaland on you.

Dog Fashion Disco is kind of like Mr. Bungle, but more 'horror' based, I'd say.

back wiittta dee art!

nostalgia kicks

Hey, young world.

Saturday, I went to the storage to see if I had anything worth taking out. I stumbled upon my old 2003 White/Flint Grey XII's and my 2005 Low White/Metallic Silver/Midnight Navy/Ice Blue XIII's. wow, that was a mouthful. (what she said).

The XII's are a bit dirty, as I wore them a good bit. There's a very small sole separation on the front, inner toe area. I'll have to fix that, because I love the Jordan XII. ha. I'll have a video review soon.

I didn't rock these XIII's as much. IDK. They always had a loud ass squeak noise when I walked. These are def. in the better condition. I may clean these up a bit and wear them a few more times before I let them go.
vid review on the way for these as well.

I also found my 2001/2002 (?) White/Red/Silver Jordan Trunners.

12 March, 2011

shop updates

I re-added two prints to my 'prints' section in the etsy shop.

This set is a bit different from the original print, as I altered the colors a bit. I made the white more of a creme color. The red looks better against it, I believe. Larger prints are coming soon as well.

These are the leftover prints from my first 25. These aren't numbered, and are signed w/pink instead of silver. The dates are also different...if y'all cared :P I also only have 5-6 of these left.

11 March, 2011

that new, that new, that newwweewwww

I have some new cardboard pieces. There are, as followssss:

I love Ghostbusters...so, they'll always be a huge inspiration in my work. I'm sorry. You Gotta Try This Pole.

Gramophones are pretty awesome.

I didn't intentionally want to do a gun, but I've always loved the way Uzis looked.

All are for sale HERE

ALSO-if I get the $20 fee, I'll be at the OCH Art Market @ Zeitgeist. holler

10 March, 2011

music as I paint

I'm working on more cardboard pieces. They're fun to do. ha.
Anyways...I've been really listening to the soundtrack from "Fantastic Planet"/"La Planète Sauvage". Madlib actually sampled this track for "Come on Feet". The soundtrack is really funky, though. I love it. The film is pretty awesome as well.

InnerPartySystem is playing tonight @ the House of Blues. Hopefully, I can make it. I've been re-listening to their work to hype myself up.

Back w/that crack, y'herd?!

09 March, 2011


Last night, I painted the very sneaker that turned me onto the sneaker game. The white/red Jordan XII (12). I first saw these in 5th grade and was instantly hooked! Anyways...I did another cardboard box top. The sides are 7 inches. I decided to paint the box up as if it were the original Nike box they came in back then. pics:

This is up in the esty shop.

08 March, 2011


I had the idea, last night, to use cardboard box tops as hangable canvases. First, I tore the top flaps off and just left the sides on. I then used a piece of wire to use as a hanger...pics below:

This is currently for sale in my etsy shop.
I'll probably do a few more like this. I really dig the cardboard look.

07 March, 2011

music as I paint

IDK what kind of mood I'm in tonight, musically. The itunes is on shuffle.

My friend had put me on The Mars Volta a while back. I dig them a lot.

I have a huge spot in my music heart for Madlib/Quasimoto. There was one point, a few years ago, that I went through a big Madlib/MF Doom phase. I forced all of my friends (at the time) to listen to their music when they rode w/me. Sorry and you're welcome.

Blueprint - So Alive - X:144 Remix by rhymesayers

Since Blueprint's new album is dropping (or has dropped-I need to check on that), I've been listening to the new single and its remixes. The first time I saw Blueprint, I was hooked. The 2005 Atmosphere 'Pour Me Another' tour. Originally is was supposed to be at the House of Blues, but do to Hurricane Katrina, they moved it to The Spanish Moon in Baton Rouge. My friends and I drove there and had a blast.

Here's a somewhat ridiculous pic of my friends and I w/Blueprint at an Soul Position (RJD2 & Blueprint) show. This took place on my 20th birthday. Great time! Oh, and I'm the dude in the hat to the (your) left of Blueprint.

Anyways, check out his new album, "Adventures in Counter-Culture" on Rhymesayers. He's one of the best

Be back w/some artwork or something.

skulls and cigarettes

I finished this up today:

I took the cardboard backing from a 16x20 frame and used it to paint on. This process made it include many colors and splatters and whatnot. currently in my etsy shop

also...I'm having a Mardi Gras sale. 50% off everything in my shop w/code: MARDIRAW

have a fun one!

03 March, 2011

kicks I need

Oh, my LAWD...these V's are so hot!

The Jordan V is definitely my favorite and most versatile (style-wise) Jordan sneaker.
I'm not sure if there's a date for these yet, but I love them.

02 March, 2011

zombies and dome

I did some painting stuff last night:

I started this background as a custom for somebody in 2008...I haven't touched it since...until LAST NIGHT! The Louisiana Superdome is one of my favorite local landmarks. This is for sale in my etsy shop.

updating my blog from Starbucks...how cool am I?

01 March, 2011

music as I paint

I've been in a 90's hip hop mood today.

A Tribe Called Quest has never put out a bad album. The NY-based, jazzy style is just wonderful for chill mode.

The Pharcyde is more of a fun, driving, chilling w/friends type of group.

"93 til Infinity" is one of the most chilled out tracks you can get. This track always reminds me of hanging out during the summer w/some friends, drinking the alcohols and what have you.

Diamond D's "Stunts, Blunts, and Hip Hop" is more than a classic...it's influential in a lot of albums.

and lastly...Big L. Crazy punchlines and wonderful beats. R.I.P.
be back later w/some art.