28 February, 2011

kicks I need

The Adidas 'Stan Smith' sneakers are classic. This colorway is pretty nice. I love when they try new materials.

The Nike Dunk '?uestlove' (from the Roots). The red is the best colorway, IMO. The only thing I really dig about them, besides being a Roots fan, is the lace cover deal thing.

my birthday's in May :)

new 9x9's

I painted these last night. You may look at them.

I'll probably do a few more 9x9's and then jump back into the larger mediums.
Both are in my etsy shop, of course.

27 February, 2011


I painted two more 9x9 pieces.

both are in my etsy shop

kicks I need

size 13, please.

music as I listen

I haven't done any painting this weekend, besides a few backgrounds. So, I titled this 'music as I listen' instead of 'as I paint'.

Here's some good stuff:

I just started listening to Neon Indian because of the Miami Horror album, "Illumination". I dig them. Pretty mellow, lo-fi stuff.

I've also been listening to Crookers more and more, since I first heard the 'Day N Night' remix they did a while back. It's so much better than the original:

This Tears for Fears track brings back so many memories. Back in 2005, I worked at a video rental place that had DVD's of previews we'd have to play in the store. The DVD's would have random music videos here and there on it, and this was one of them. Damn, I miss 2005 (besides Hurricane Katrina)...and R.I.P. Brittany Murphy.

and for a little bit of 90's nostalgia:

Goddamnit, this track brings back so many awesome memories.

26 February, 2011

30% Off sale!

This weekend, I'm having a 30% off sale in my etsy shop. Use the code 30YAHEARDME @ checkout.
Have a great weekend!
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25 February, 2011

kicks I need

I'm not a huge fan of Nike, but these are HOT!
I'll totally do immoral things for them...


So, last night I worked on a few 9x9 paintings. I think they'll work out well. I can sell them cheap, so people can afford them, and I can produce them quickly.

angry winged bird.

I dig the retro look. I'll prob. do a few similar, while I'm in the mood.

Urban. lolz.

Also, I now have 100 items in my etsy shop!
see y'all later.

music as I paint

Tonight, I'm in a folky/rock/white mood. haha.
The videos below are some of my favorites in the right now of my brain:

We Were Promised Jetpacks is some good stuff.

Funny story about The Eels...Back in 2006, my Toyota Corolla was totaled and The Eels were coming to the House of Blues. I NEEDED to see that show (as I was half-unhappy about breaking up w/the gf @ the time). So. I tell my black co-worker friend, Keith, that there's a great show tonight at the House of Blues and that I'd buy his ticket if he went. I warn him beforehand that it won't really be his crowd, but he was cool with it. He picks me up and we head off. The security actually let me pass and they metal-detected him. haha. Also, it was cool to have somebody 21+ there. Thanks, Keith. I'm glad you went and appreciate the ride.

Beck is and will always be awesome.

Which reminds me...if somebody bought an extra ticket and needs awesome (free) companionship to the March 18th Queens of the Stone Age show...hit me up!

I'll be back later w/artwork, hopefully.

24 February, 2011

slug juice

Here are the slug/snail pieces I painted the other night:

This slug is on a diet...but CAN he do it?
(I said 'can' because there's a can...)

What other snails do you know that have a red bow-tie? ANSWER ME!

Don't you hate having a rock for a shell? You end up late to parties and important snail business meetings.

All are for sale in my etsy shop.

music as I paint

Right now, I'm in a hip hop mood. Here's what I've been listening to...

Murs is coming to the House of Blues in March, btw. His last show at One Eyed Jacks last year was great. Nocando opened for him...speaking of which:

His set was fun. He also did some stuff w/Busdriver...

He (Busdriver) opened for RJD2 @ House of Blues in 2007. That was actually the first I had heard (of) him. Great show.

23 February, 2011


I painted this today. Yep. That is a fish. I used a piece of card stock that I had been painting smaller canvases on top of. This is the 2nd time doing this style...(see 'secret word' painting below)

what's the hip phrase used for shit like this? 'up-cycled'? I totally up-cycled that shit.

music as I paint

Last night, I downloaded The Bloody Beetroots' discography...so, I've been having that on shuffle here and there.

and these guys...

also, to keep it smoother, I've also been playing Sims' latest album; "Bad Time Zoo"...which isn't bad.

speaking of painting, I'm working on some Star Wars zombies for somebody and some snail/slug stuff...I think it's a phase.

16 February, 2011

That NEW

Hey. So, it seems that this may be the spot for my site for now. Keep checking back and all...