20 May, 2011

the newness

Yep. I haz new post.

The other day, I bought 2 paint markers (as they are 2 for $5 at Michael's this week.). I love paint markers. When Sharpie released them, I was hooked. ANYWAYS...these paint markers inspired me to go back to a style I adapted a year ago. I love doing this style of mi el art.

And of course, Pee-Wee stuff...

I was a huge Alfred Hitchcock fan growing up. I blame it on the attraction at Universal Studios. My parents brought me there when I was 7, maybe? Anyways, it blew my mind. I was also fortunate enough to have seen the Ghostbusters thing back in the day. Goddamn memories.

And, because of the rotation "Goblin" has received, here's a new Tyler piece...

Better pics and listings will follow.

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