28 July, 2011

dead stuff and not...dead stuff

I've been a busy little bee, except, not being raped by a large queen. This is what I've been pumping out the past few days:

I started this in 2008 (the red background and the base head...ha. base head). I added the words and all of the...abstractness? IDK.
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As Curren$y rises to the top as a local hip hop artist, I felt the need to get my ass in flight (is that even something to say?). Though, I went zombie with it. no cranberries.
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"Where the Wild Zombies Are"
I used the trees for the background from the book. The crown is painted in metallic gold. Max ate his mom's brains. He sleeps never.
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"Space Jam Dunks"
I painted and cut out the shoe first to get the proportions right After, I pasted it onto the canvas. I really dig the shoe.
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