25 February, 2011

music as I paint

Tonight, I'm in a folky/rock/white mood. haha.
The videos below are some of my favorites in the right now of my brain:

We Were Promised Jetpacks is some good stuff.

Funny story about The Eels...Back in 2006, my Toyota Corolla was totaled and The Eels were coming to the House of Blues. I NEEDED to see that show (as I was half-unhappy about breaking up w/the gf @ the time). So. I tell my black co-worker friend, Keith, that there's a great show tonight at the House of Blues and that I'd buy his ticket if he went. I warn him beforehand that it won't really be his crowd, but he was cool with it. He picks me up and we head off. The security actually let me pass and they metal-detected him. haha. Also, it was cool to have somebody 21+ there. Thanks, Keith. I'm glad you went and appreciate the ride.

Beck is and will always be awesome.

Which reminds me...if somebody bought an extra ticket and needs awesome (free) companionship to the March 18th Queens of the Stone Age show...hit me up!

I'll be back later w/artwork, hopefully.

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