27 February, 2011

music as I listen

I haven't done any painting this weekend, besides a few backgrounds. So, I titled this 'music as I listen' instead of 'as I paint'.

Here's some good stuff:

I just started listening to Neon Indian because of the Miami Horror album, "Illumination". I dig them. Pretty mellow, lo-fi stuff.

I've also been listening to Crookers more and more, since I first heard the 'Day N Night' remix they did a while back. It's so much better than the original:

This Tears for Fears track brings back so many memories. Back in 2005, I worked at a video rental place that had DVD's of previews we'd have to play in the store. The DVD's would have random music videos here and there on it, and this was one of them. Damn, I miss 2005 (besides Hurricane Katrina)...and R.I.P. Brittany Murphy.

and for a little bit of 90's nostalgia:

Goddamnit, this track brings back so many awesome memories.

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