13 March, 2011

nostalgia kicks

Hey, young world.

Saturday, I went to the storage to see if I had anything worth taking out. I stumbled upon my old 2003 White/Flint Grey XII's and my 2005 Low White/Metallic Silver/Midnight Navy/Ice Blue XIII's. wow, that was a mouthful. (what she said).

The XII's are a bit dirty, as I wore them a good bit. There's a very small sole separation on the front, inner toe area. I'll have to fix that, because I love the Jordan XII. ha. I'll have a video review soon.

I didn't rock these XIII's as much. IDK. They always had a loud ass squeak noise when I walked. These are def. in the better condition. I may clean these up a bit and wear them a few more times before I let them go.
vid review on the way for these as well.

I also found my 2001/2002 (?) White/Red/Silver Jordan Trunners.

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