07 March, 2011

music as I paint

IDK what kind of mood I'm in tonight, musically. The itunes is on shuffle.

My friend had put me on The Mars Volta a while back. I dig them a lot.

I have a huge spot in my music heart for Madlib/Quasimoto. There was one point, a few years ago, that I went through a big Madlib/MF Doom phase. I forced all of my friends (at the time) to listen to their music when they rode w/me. Sorry and you're welcome.

Blueprint - So Alive - X:144 Remix by rhymesayers

Since Blueprint's new album is dropping (or has dropped-I need to check on that), I've been listening to the new single and its remixes. The first time I saw Blueprint, I was hooked. The 2005 Atmosphere 'Pour Me Another' tour. Originally is was supposed to be at the House of Blues, but do to Hurricane Katrina, they moved it to The Spanish Moon in Baton Rouge. My friends and I drove there and had a blast.

Here's a somewhat ridiculous pic of my friends and I w/Blueprint at an Soul Position (RJD2 & Blueprint) show. This took place on my 20th birthday. Great time! Oh, and I'm the dude in the hat to the (your) left of Blueprint.

Anyways, check out his new album, "Adventures in Counter-Culture" on Rhymesayers. He's one of the best

Be back w/some artwork or something.

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