22 March, 2011

Wiz's "Rolling Papers"

So, I'm listening to Wiz's new album, "Rolling Papers". Granted, I'm only on track 6, but with the 2 previous singles being in the top 6, you know...skipped. I'm just noticing a more club-like chant chorus album, w/plenty chick tracks. Feels like Atlantic was trying to have the next Drake, but you know...on their label. I really dig Wiz and his style. The Wiz style that I fell in love with stemmed from the "Kush & OJ" mixtape. Yeah, the subject matter revolved around getting high, hanging out w/chicks, and just enjoying life, but that was him. I'm not even the type that gets mad when an indie group signs mainstream. I was happy that he landed a deal. He deserved it.

(further into the album)

BUT, I do know when an album 'sounds' mainstream. The beats are pretty top notch. The choruses and cheesy love tracks are the only downfall...besides Too $hort's verse on 'On My Level'. That beat is hot, though, and reminiscent of 90's Gangsta Rap. 'Star of the Show' is classic Wiz. Harmonizing on the chorus. Slow, but enthusiastic and confident flow. Perfect. 'Fly Solo' has a Cudi vibe to it...which isn't bad. I dig it. 'Rooftops', the Curren$y feature, is one of the best. When Wiz and Curren$y hook up, it's magic. A duo pro album from them would be great. The last track, 'Cameras', was pretty uplifting. The beat is really nice...but, the chorus kills it :/

all in all, for my first listen, I give it a 6.5 out of 10.
it'll either grow on me more, or get really aggravating.
BUT...I still really dig Wiz...don't get it tWIZted...lolz.

ah, enough rant. time to paint!

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